Back to Sport ! 10 tips for a sports return at your best


  1. Choose your "sport - pleasure" 

The problem is not to start a sport, it is to stick to it! To avoid intensive starts that suddenly stop after a few seances, take the time to define your goals and to know which activity you really like. Choosing a sport that motivates you is the key to sustainable training. So feel free to test several activities before registering. Associations and fitness rooms usually offer a free introductory session ;-)

  1. Shopping before training !

Burning calories, yes, but without losing dignity! Exit the old nerdy jogging and Sunday gumshoes! The master word: pleasure! So, do not hesitate to offer you the dreamed and adapted complete outfit: comfortable clothes, indispensable accessories ... Everything to get even more enthusiastic! Moreover, this preliminary investment will motivate you to make it profitable, right?

  1. Do not burn the steps but the calories!

Think of the Tortoise and the Hare. Too ambitious goals are disenchanting: low morale, painful joints, muscle cramps ... And we unsubscribe from the gym! So, no, you will not reach the summit of Mount Everest on the first day, but every hill, steep street or stair you will climb, will bring you closer to your goal: to be an outstanding sports(wo)man. Start with simple exercises and gradually increase either the duration or the repetitions. 

  1. Always warm up and hydrate yourself

Nothing better to avoid muscle cramps! Warm-up is not a waste of time! Feel free to follow small warm-up programs and especially prepare the parts of the body that are going to be the most solicited during the exercise. Hydration is also non-negotiable: before, during and after exercise, it improves recovery and limits injuries. Rather than drinking plain water, we recommend to take an isotonic drink, to preserve muscle resources. Abs created a drink that helps restoring the water, glucose and electrolyte reserves: Isotonic Spirulina.

  1. Change your routine

The first sports session is difficile but exciting, while the fifteenth ... Maybe a little less! So, in order to avoid that the exercise becomes boring, or worst, a duty, put some spice in your routine! Change your workout place, workout method or exercise, or just try another discipline.

  1. Sport is better with other people!

Motivate yourself by motivating them! Ask your spouse, friends or family to participate in your activities. There are so many pleasant activities to do in team: playing football with friends, organizing a family cycling trip or a day of kayaking with your love. Sharing these moments with your entourage will give you pleasure and the desire to start over.

  1. Adapting your diet

Firm, muscular, toned and fit body that often goes with a few pounds less: thank you Sport! Moreover, beyond these visible results, you will surely gain in endurance. All these effects give the athlete contentment and motivation. Then, why not increase these results with a suitable diet? A balanced diet will bring all the necessary elements to your metabolism and will make you gain in efficiency and energy.

  1. Try supplementation

In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, dietary supplements are true allies. Thus, proteins, amino acids and antioxidants help you to make yourself more efficient and preserve you from slow-down thanks to the full content of trace elements, vitamins and minerals. For example, substitute the snack with a shaker of Rapsberry proteine. This small sweetness especially allows a better muscle recovery and its fiber content will effectively increase your sensation of satiety.

  1. After the sport, stretch yourself!

You've sweated, you're happy but exhausted ... Well, it's not over yet! Just like warm-ups, stretching is not optional! Essential to good recovery, they will help you not suffer after training. If your time is really limited, you can concentrate the stretches on the parts that have been most solicited during the training session.

  1. Take a break!

Above all, do not be categorical or too firm towards yourself. Allow yourself to take breaks and take care of yourself. It is important to take a few days to rest and allow your body to recover. On holiday, leave room for relaxation and set aside the sportive routine! Enjoy, walk, go hiking or sightseeing, make some lengths every morning in the swimming pool of the campsite. The options are endless!