Standardized and clinically tested extracts

Some Abs products contain titrated plant extracts. What is it about ?

Plants naturally contain active principles, substances with beneficial effects for humans.

Their presence in a plant depends on its botanical variety, the part used (root, rhizome, leaf, flower, etc.), climatic conditions and growing substrate. The powder obtained from a plant therefore does not guarantee on its own the content of the active ingredients, naturally random.

The extracts of plants make it possible to be assured of this concentration. They are standardized to contain a specified percentage of active ingredients.

The extraction of plants can be achieved by various methods: mechanical extraction, distillation or extraction with solvents. At Abs, we use the latter. We put the plant in contact with three main solvents, water, alcohol and CO2, harmless to health and with very reduced environmental impact.

The ratio between kilograms of plants used and kilograms of dry extract obtained is adapted to each batch: it increases, decreases or stays in order to obtain the same percentage of active ingredients. Thus, this process guarantees a constant quality of the final product.

Abs also uses some clinically tested extracts during:

  • prospective clinical studies (randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled)
  • clinical studies of bioavailability (in vitro mechanistic studies).

The results corroborate the efficacy of phytotherapy and standardized natural extracts.