The brand's inception

Abs is the shortened form of "abdominals", which are a universally attractive symbol of achieving beauty through a sporty and sculpted body.

Abs grew out of the partnership between Anastore, a company specialised in developing innovative and natural nutritional supplements, and Dominique Bourger, an international bodybuilding champion and qualified nutritionist.

Together, they came to the following conclusion:

Consumers want products that are 100 % natural and effective.

So it was necessary to develop a range of nutritional supplements for men and women who wanted to improve their physical appearance and athletic performance by using products that give them complete food safety.

From then on, our mission was clear: to offer the safest products on the sport nutrition market.

Everyone to your starting blocks: you are going to love your body.

Performance and safety

Abs is the first brand of nutritional supplements for sportspeople to meet the strictest food safety requirements.

Our formulas are guaranteed to contain no artificial sweeteners, flavourings, colourings or preservatives.

Produced in a laboratory in accordance with the strictest European standards, our products give you the guarantee of achieving your goals in complete safety


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